Nature Rangers Celebration Event

Nature Rangers Celebration Event - Parents with their Nature Ranger

Thursday 2nd May 2019

Today we held a Nature Rangers celebration event where parents or extended family could come along and spend some time in the garden and orchard area with us. The children spent time whittling sticks with their grown up ready to toast marshmallows on the camp fire. They had a go at creating a spark for the fire and sat around chatting whilst eating marshmallow and chocolate digestive 'biscuit' sandwiches - yum! Grown ups were treated to a tour of the garden to see all the wonderful planting that has been undertaken as well as the newly created bug hotel and wooden garden decorations. The children then led their grown up in a demonstration of the Japanese art form 'Hapazome' and they produced some beautiful bunting together. 

A huge thank you to Mrs Bielec, Mr Joyner and Mr Charnley for giving up their time to help run these sessions. 

Thank you so much to all the children and their gown ups for spending quality time with us. We received some lovely comments and offers of help in the future. 

It was a truly wonderful event. 

Nature Rangers Session 4 Whistles and pencils

Nature Rangers session 4 25.4.19

Whistles and pencils!

Today has been brilliant! The children have said it was the most enjoyable session yet. We used the willow growing in the school grounds and the hazel to make our own wooden whistles and pencils. Ted showed us how and then we split into two groups to try it out for ourselves. The next day at school, we were allowed to use the pencils we had made for Maths. We were so excited and proud!

Nature Rangers 28.3.19

Today we made smelly cocktails by using the herbs and flowers in the garden. We spent time exploring, to see what we could put into our concoctions. At the end of the session we passed our cocktails around the circle so we could experience what we everyone had made. A group of us made a start weeding the raised flower beds in the junior playground. It was hard work! We saw lots of insect friends such as worms and a woodlouse. In the garden area, the garlic and onions that we planted a few weeks ago have started to shoot. We have lots to do in forthcoming weeks. The next Ground Force Day is on Saturday 27th April. A big thank you as always to Ted, Tim and Helen who give up their time to come and help at Nature Rangers. Also to Greg from Leafy Lytham Garden Hub who has been advising us about our planting. 

Nature Rangers 28th March 2019

Nature Rangers 14.3.19

Today we finished the large bug hotel with Tim and noticed that the hotel already had an occupant. A little snail! We started some dead hedging with Ted and Helen. This involved a lot of team work and strength. With Mrs Oatridge we planted some onion and garlic bulbs then started sowing some herbs ready to begin growing inside. In a few weeks we will place these in the cold frame outside. 

A big thank you to Greg from the Leafy Lytham Garden Hub who came to visit the garden last Friday and offer his expertise. 


Nature Rangers 14.3.19


Our newly formed Nature Rangers group had a busy first session creating a large A frame bug hotel for our insect friends to use in the garden. We collected natural materials such as sticks and stones and used real tools to drill holes and put in screws. We are very pleased with what we have created. 

Nature Rangers 7.3.19

We are proud to announce that we are the GOLD Category Winner for Best Primary School Garden. This was awarded to us at the Lytham In Bloom Trust Community Awards Ceremony 2018. A huge thank you goes to Mr. and Mrs. Joyner, Mrs. Oatridge and to everybody who has helped in any way to restore the school community garden to its former glory. It has taken around 9 months to get to this point and without the dedication, commitment and talent of this team then our garden would not be as beautiful as it is today. Further images are coming your way. But please join with me as we extend our heartfelt thanks to anybody who has been a part of this journey. We are forever grateful. And "Together we grow with God" is as true a statement as ever!

Before & After

Conservation Area - Before & After

We have seen further changes happening in our Conservation Garden. The Joyner Family (and helpers) have been working very hard in their spare time to clear much of the overgrown areas to create what is now becoming a more accessible garden area for all to enjoy. There is still some way to go with this before the planting and bedding can begin but I'm sure you will all agree how amazing it is looking already. We are very thankful for the dedication, time, effort and hard work that is going in to this worthwhile project.

Conservation Area Update Easter 2018

 The Conservation Garden Project is starting to take shape now quite literally with the redefining of the pathway. It is looking really good already and very soon the children will be contributing to the project, also. Again our thanks go out to Mr. & Mrs. Joyner for all their hard work.

Conservation Area Update 20.2.18.

 Our Conservation Garden Project is now underway thanks to some of our wonderfully dedicated and talented parents - Mr. and Mrs. Joyner. 

The work they have done so far is astounding. Our garden has gone from an overgrown and unloved space to being well on the way to being a beautiful and child-friendly spot that the children can enjoy as part of their outdoor learning experiences. We will keep you updated with the progress being made. The photographs below show just how much has been done already and the children are very excited to get in there!

Thank you again to Mr. and Mrs. Joyner for all their hard work, effort and commitment. The children (and staff) really do appreciate it!

Conservation Garden Project