Scientists in the making!

Y4 have been learning about electricity and making electrical circuits. Today, they were testing different materials around the classroom to see if they were CONDUCTORS or INSULATORS. The children really enjoyed this activity and found out lots of interesting facts.

Y4 Electricity


What does God want to see in our hearts?

In R.E. Year 4 have been thinking about the values that God would like to see in our hearts and how we can show these in our everyday lives. The children thought of some wonderful values and to display them, they made their own 3-D hearts!


Speed Stacking!

Year 4 have been very lucky this week to start 'Speed Stacking' - an individual and team sport that involves stacking plastic cups in specific sequences in as little time as possible.  It tests concentration, co-ordination and patience. It is so much fun! Ask your child about it.... they had a great time. This will continue until the end of term.

Year 4 Speedstacking

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