Clay Models: Plague Doctor Masks

Today, we have been designing and making clay models of Plague Doctor masks which we know all about! We will be painting them next topic lesson. Miss Booker thinks we did amazing.

Y4 Clay Models


Children in Need Fun!




After taking lots of care to design and paint our special pebbles, we took them to our beautiful school garden today where we respectfully placed them.

Y4 Pebbles



Today, we started our golf sessions with Chris. The session was fun and informative and Miss Booker thinks we will develop lots of skills over the next 5 weeks.

Y4 Golf



We've had a lovely time painting our poppies for the special Remembrance display!

Y4 Poppies


Ordering 4-digit Numbers :) 

Y4 Ordering Numbers


Our New Topic...

Today, we were given lots of different clues to help us guess what our new topic was. WE WERE RIGHT! The Great Plague...

Y4 Great Plague


Shakespeare Workshop

We are so lucky to have had a drama workshop delivered by Mrs Cleasby today! The children were absolute superstars and all got fully involved.

Y4 Drama Workshop


Superhero's for a day!

Thank you Blue Moose Dance for coming in and helping us to unleash our inner superhero's through music and dance. We loved it!

Blue Moose



A huge thank you to Fylde Flyers who came into school to deliver a session on Quidditch. We had lots of fun and had to use lots of skills in order to play the game accurately.

Quidditch Y4


Daily Mile!

We have started running the daily mile and we are really enjoying it! We are setting our own personal goals and thoroughly enjoying the benefits of daily exercise.

Daily Mile Y4



Today, we have been learning all about the history of Roman Mosaics. We then designed and created our own!




What a GORGEOUS day we’ve had on our trip to Ribchester; learning even more about Romans, handling artefacts, dressing up as soldiers and a beautiful picnic by the river. The children were amazing; they listened so well, got involved with everything and made Miss Booker and all the staff feel extremely proud!!

Year 4 Ribchester Trip



Sports Day was SO much fun! We absolutely loved it :)

Y4 Sports Day



What an absolutely amazing time we have had this week celebrating our British Values, learning all about the Royal Family and famous landmarks. We thoroughly enjoyed it... as you can see below!

Y4 British Week


Drama Workshop - Macbeth

What a fantastic morning we had exploring Macbeth through drama. Huge thank you to Mrs Cleasby for helping us deliver an outstanding performance at the end!

Y4 Macbeth


British Value Medals

As BRITISH WEEK continues, we have been designing, making and painting our very own British Value medals!

Y4 Salt Dough Medals

Y4 Medals


Assembly on RESILIENCE

Today, we taught Year 3 all about RESILIENCE and they taught us all about TOLERANCE.

Y3/4 British Week Assemblies


British Values

We have kicked off BRITISH WEEK by exploring and learning all about our British Values.

Y4 British Values


French Visitors!
This morning, we were lucky enough to have some wonderful French visitors; Madame Salanson, Madame Hayes and Estelle. We asked questions in French and everything was then  translated to help us. It was FASCINATING learning the differences between school life in France and school life in England! It was also a great opportunity to practice our French. We found out that at Estelle's school:

- children do not have a school uniform 

- school is closed on Wednesday afternoons

- each class has a pet; Estelle's class have 2 turtles which different children get to take home every weekend

- the school has its own swimming pool

- everyone has hot dinners

Y4 French Visit


Year 4's First VIP's!

In Year 4, we now have weekly VIP's. It is VERY exciting! Well done to the first children to receive this fantastic title.




Today, we worked in mixed groups to find the effect of multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. 

Y4 Place Value


Rockin' Rocks!

We have started a new topic in Science where we are exploring different types of rocks. Our wonderful TA, Mrs Booth, created this fantastic, interactive display for us so we can show off our scientific knowledge!

Y4 Rocks


Awesome Authors!

We have put together some amazing stories that Miss Booker is VERY proud of! We have also had some time to type them up so that we can publish them in a class book.

Y4 Stories


Exciting Experiments!

As part of our current topic 'Plants' - we are using our knowledge of water transportation to investigate whether temperature affects how quickly water is transported up the stem. To do this, we have used daffodils and food colouring... We are excited to see the magic happen!

Y4 Daffodil Experiment



Well Book Day was very interesting in Year 4... The day started with Miss Booker discovering a mysterious egg outside our classroom!! We found out that it might be a dragon egg so we chose a book to help us prepare in case it hatches! After reading chapter 1 and finding out more about dragons, we designed our own Top Trumps cards and used them to battle against each other :)

Y4 Book Day Activities



We have had a fantastic day in Year 4 celebrating World Book Day! So many wonderful, creative outfits and some really exciting activities :)




We have been learning how to classify animals and worked really well in groups to produce these fantastic posters.

Y4 Classifying Animals


Quelle heure est-il?

As part of our French lessons, we have been learning how to say the time and how to ask for the time... dominoes style!

French Time



We have started learning about co-ordinates this week with a very exciting game of battleships!

Y4 Battleships


NSPCC Danceathon!

A huge thanks to Jittabugs who taught us 4 different dances from 4 countries. It was so much fun and Miss Booker LOVED the Spice Girls dance! Even better, it was all to raise money for a wonderful cause.

Year 4 Danceathon


ICT Presentations

In ICT, we have been learning all about using PowerPoint; adding pictures, copying&pasting, inserting text boxes and adding transitions. The children presented their finished pieces of work beautifully and listened to each other so well.

ICT Presentations

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