End of the summer term 
A huge well done to all our lovely children in Year 3 for being truly amazing this year. It has been an absolute pleasure to teach them. They have shown resilience, determination and kindness and we feel very lucky to have been the adults who got to spend our days with them. Have a lovely summer xxx

Year 3 Goodbye to Mrs Willott Picnic, Ice cream and Zoom 

Today we had a lovely outside celebration to say thank you to Mrs Willott for being the best head teacher ever and to wish her farewell. We will miss you Mrs Willott! 

Year 3 Red and white day for the Euro final!!!

Year 3 Outdoor painting on a larger scale


Today the children will create different effects and textures in paint and experiment with different painting tools. They will also work on a smaller then larger scale.



Year 3 Outdoor Learning Thursday 8th July

We made large scale and smaller scale dens, dried flower bookmarks, we mixed mud and created pictures. Some of us made bows using sticks and twine and some of us chose to weed and maintain the garden. Lots of fun! 


Year 3 Observational drawing 

In Art, we have been studying form, shape and tone by observing non-flowering house plants. We used different grades of art pencils and we also thought about how we could create a 3D effect. 


Outdoor Learning 24th June 2021

This week we have worked as a team to create spider's webs in the trees. We have also enjoyed creating dens for little furry creatures. We also studied some roots with a magnifying glass and did lots of other fun activities too!


Outdoor Learning 17th June 2021

Year 3 really enjoy outdoor learning. Here are some photos to show you just how much we love it and the exciting activities we get up to. 


Year 3 Sports Day Extravaganza! 

KS2 had a lovely morning in the sunshine. We had track races and then a carousel of activities where we earnt points for our house team. The overall winning team was Mythop! Well done all of our super children for taking part so well. Here are some photos for you to enjoy. 

Introducing Hope the Hearing Dog

This week we have been discussing giving and what we can ‘give’ that means such a lot and has the most impact. In the spirit of this, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Oatridge thought how lovely it would be to sponsor a hearing dog on behalf of the class. ‘Hope’ is an apricot cockapoo puppy. She will under go two years of training before she is matched to a new owner for whom she will become a loyal companion and aid. The children will be able to follow her progress with regular puppy updates. We are very excited!



Year 3 Some Christmas Crafts 

Year 3 Christmas Party 

We had so much fun! Here are a few photos .....

Apple Pie

We harvested some apples from the school orchard and Mr Joyner baked two apple pies for us in the school kitchen. We then got to take a piece home. Yum! 



Friday 18th September 2020 Outdoor Learning 

What a busy day we had in the garden yesterday and the Thursday before! The class were nothing short of outstanding! We were so proud of them. Their enthusiasm, positive work ethic and team work really shone through. All their hard work has made such an improvement to the garden area already. They have also begun to plant some of the bulbs that you kindly donated so thank you. It was also so lovely seeing them find hazelnuts on the ground and discussing with them the fact we have a hazel tree and then naming some of the other trees in the garden.

At the end of the session some of the children harvested some of the apples that were ready for eating from the school orchard. This fits nicely with the theme of Harvest. They are a variety of eating apple so are very sweet. It was so much fun! They were so high up that the children had to use a stick, then shake the apple tree, to try and get them down. Each child then picked a pear to bring home.

Mr Joyner very kindly used the apples the children had picked to bake two apple pies in the school kitchen and the children each took a slice home. 


Curriculum Map Y3 Aut 2020

Thursday 12th March 2020

Today in DT, as part of our topic 'Healthy Humans' we tasted different picnic type foods. We used all our senses and had done lots of prior work on developing our vocabulary associated with our senses. We have been looking at the Eatwell plate in Science and discussing the different food groups that our bodies need in order to remain healthy and function well. 

World Book Day

The children have thoroughly enjoyed coming to school dressed up today. In assembly, each class paraded to show their costumes. It was lovely seeing what others in school had chosen to come as and talking about the books the characters are in. We have been researching Michael Morpurgo as part of our Mr Skip focus and designed a new front cover for the book. We have varnished our gnomes, made book marks, had a sing song and enjoyed a book themed quiz. Thank you parents for all your effort. 

Book Week

This week our work has been all about the book we read in our class, “Mr Skip” by Michael Morpurgo. 
Mr Skip was a garden gnome so we have made our own gnomes out of clay! 

Friday 14th February 2020

We have been learning about Stonehenge this week and today we constructed biscuit Stonehenge. Then we enjoyed demolishing Stonehenge to eat it! 

Here are just some of the photos of our artwork for the “ Our Land, Our Schools” exhibition. I wonder whose work will be chosen to go to the exhibition....


Week ending Friday 24th January

We were lucky enough to have a taster session in Ju Jitsu today. Sensai commented on what great listening skills we had and our impeccable behaviour and manners. We enjoyed it very much! 




Week ending Friday 10th January 

Happy New Year to you all!  

It’s lovely to see all the children back this week full of excitement to tell us about their Christmas holidays. 

This week we have been writing our own diary entries and learning about when to us a or an. In maths we have started a new multiplication and division unit. We are loving Science and History this half term. Curriculum maps will be going home Monday. We have begun looking at famous fossil hunters such as Mary Anning which links with our work on rocks and fossils. In History we have started looking at what our impressions are of the Stone Age and where the Stone Age fits on a timeline. Mrs Oatridge used a toilet roll and post it notes to help us understand! Next week we are starting poems on a theme and cave art. Have a lovely weekend. 

 Congratulations to our stars of the week - Harry G and Phoebe. 

Thursday 21st November 2019

This half term we are investigating Forces in Science, looking particularly at Magnetism. Today we we developing our exploring and observational skills by testing different metals to answer the question: Are all metals magnetic? We found that not all metals are and we will be looking more into what does a metal need to be magnetic, what if everything was magnetic and designing fair tests to test the strength of a variety of magnets, in forthcoming weeks. We had a lot of fun today. Some of us asked to go and see Mrs Willott with our work as we had enjoyed it so much. She awarded us some Head Teacher Dojos for working so hard.

Congratulations to Olivia for receiving a Lancashire Libraries Reading Trail award in Assembly today.  


Friday 18th October 2019

What a week! Thank you for all your support this week. It has meant a lot. It's been really lovely to see so many familiar faces again at parent's evening this week and also to meet new ones. Today we have had a Victorian afternoon where the children experienced some of what it would have been like to be a child at school in Victorian times - when St. John's School was first built. Each child was given a Victorian name which in some cases, caused much hilarity - especially during afternoon registration. Victorian handwriting practise in their 'copy books' didn't go down too well with most of the children. They were very good at showing respect when another adult entered the room. They all stood up behind their chairs brilliantly! Wishing you all a lovely half term with your families. 


Friday 11th October 2019

This week in Maths we have been continuing our addition and subtraction unit. Today we have been looking at subtracting tens from a 3 digit number. In English we have been writing our own folk tale and today, have been learning how to use speech marks (inverted commas) to punctuate direct speech. In History we have been learning about when our school was built and comparing life for school children then with life for us at school now-a-days. We learnt that it would be unlikely that Mrs Oatridge would be a teacher in Victorian times as she is married and most Victorian school teachers were unmarried. That's why we call teachers Miss. We also compared what lessons were like with today's lessons. The forms of discipline shocked us! We were particularly shocked at the reasons why a child may receive the cane! Congratulations to our Stars of the Week this week - Fraser and Poppy. Well done. We would welcome cake donations this Tuesday 15th October for a cake sale after school in the hall. Have a lovely weekend.

Friday 27th September 2019

This week in Maths we have started a new unit - addition and subtraction. We have been adding and subtracting with multiples of 100 and with 3-digit and 1-digit numbers. In English we have begun to look at Folk Tales, in particular, The Tin Forest. In History we have been looking at old maps of Lytham and making comparisons and connections as well as asking historically valid questions. We used the maps as evidence to make judgments and decisions about how Lytham as a town has developed over hundreds of years. Congratulations to our stars of the week - Ellie-Rose and Theo. Remember, this Sunday 29th September is our Harvest service at St. Cuthbert's Church. The service begins at 10am and we ask that children who are participating arrive at 9:40am. We look forward to seeing you. 

Friday 20th September 2019

This week we have been comparing and ordering numbers in Maths and finishing our biographies off in English. In SPaG we have been looking at where to place the comma when using subordinate clauses in sentences. We have busy rehearsing for our Harvest Service at St. Cuthbert's Church on Sunday 29th September which should be a lovely morning. Children to arrive at church at 9:40 am wearing full school uniform. Congratulations to our stars of the week this week who are Orla and Darcey. 

Our Disco in the Dark!

To begin our new Science Topic- Light and Shadows, we had a disco in the dark. We had lots of fun exploring the concepts of light sources and reflectors.


Friday 13th September 2019

Another busy week here in Year 3! In Maths the children have been working out problems involving numbers to 1, 000 on a number line and in English they have been researching Shelly Woods as part of their biography work. They have also been looking at the features of a biography such as headings, sub-headings, paragraphs and using conjunctions to form complex sentences. In Science we held a disco! What a fun way to investigate reflective materials. We have also been finding out more about where we live/go to school and have been using OS maps and Google Earth. What a busy week! Congratulations to our Stars of the Week - Zach and Olivia.  Have a lovely weekend. 


Welcome to our new Year 3 class and parents!

Friday 6th September 2019

Hello, Welcome back to school and to Year 3! We have had an excellent first week - the class really is delightful. The children have really impressed us with their positive attitude towards their work. We have started our place value Maths unit and looking at biographies in English. Yesterday we talked about how positive words make us feel good and how we all have the ability to 'fill someone's bucket' with a compliment or kind gesture. The children wrote positive comments about each other which we read out. Each child then chose a button (every button is different just like us) and we have made a class button heart picture on canvas. Your children have brought home their spellings today. Please help your child to learn them ready for the following Friday. Please feel free to Dojo us should you have any queries about anything. Have a lovely weekend. Mrs Oatridge and Mrs Taylor

Our Collaborative Art Work, based on The Lake District

We had lots of fun painting!


Ribchester Roman Museum

Year 3 had a brilliant time! They got to wear Roman armour with a helmet and hold a shield and sword. They were all SO heavy. It was a very interesting visit. The children behaved beautifully as always and were a credit to school and their parents.               

Friday 5th July 

Yesterday we went out into the garden to look closely at all the different varieties of plants, their different parts and functions. 

Nature Rangers 27th June 2019

What a brilliant session we had today. A big thank you to Ted who showed us how to do a quick charcoal burn to create our own charcoal. We then used it to write on the fence (it will wash off) and to draw on to our Nature Rangers banner. We spotted quite a few black caterpillars crawling around near the garden today. We think they will turn into moths. 

In the garden we helped water the plants and we noticed how well our onions and french beans are growing. Our potato bed has been a huge success and today we were all able to use a fork or trowel to dig up some fresh potatoes and take one or two home. It was so exciting. Tim showed us the seed potato from which the plant had grown. We learnt that we can't eat that or re-plant it. Helen and Mrs Oatridge helped us to create some natural art on the banner. We mixed mud and painted it on, used wood to print, used the charcoal we had created to draw and used Hapazome (a Japanese art form where you place a leaf or flower under the fabric and tap on top with a pebble) to add a bit of colour. Many of us added a muddy hand print too. We'll continue the banner next session and use some berries. Some of the children described Nature Rangers as the, "best day of my life!" We love being Nature Rangers! 

Year 3 PE lesson

Inspired by Sports Day, we went out onto the field today and in groups, we planned out our own obstacle races. We worked as a team, negotiating and listening to each others' ideas. We had lots of fun. 

Park View 4U Longest Day Run Friday 21st June 2019

In our PE lesson today, Year 3 ran as many laps of our school field as we could in support of Park View 4U. Park View 4U is 15 years old this year and are hoping to raise £150 000 to help toward the maintenance and upkeep of this wonderful facility. Representatives from the park came down and in 25 minutes we collectively ran a total of 368 laps of the field. AMAZING! This equates to over two marathons! We had so much fun. Thank you to Park View and to Shelley Woods for coming down to see us. 

Year 3 Sports Day Thursday 20th June 2019

The sun shone through and a brilliant day was had by all. The children were absolutely wonderful and we were so proud of the way that they tried their best but also encouraged and supported each other. Thank you all you support too. 

Week ending Friday 24th May

We all went outside to the orchard today to watch the owl be carved into a tree stump. It was amazing to see it take form. A big thank you to Mrs Joyner who arranged for this lovely addition to our garden and orchard area and to Rolande Chainsaw Carver for creating it. Scrumpy the owl will happily watch over our garden. 

Week ending Friday 17th May 2019

This week we have been studying how people in the Iron Age lived as part of our work on life in Britain before the Romans came. We looked in more detail at Celtic Roundhouses - how they were constructed and from which materials and at what daily life would have been like for Britons in this period. 

We each chose a job role from a choice of 12 from the time. We had to find the other people in our class with the same job title. Around the classroom were 12 job descriptions and we spent 10 minutes getting to know our job role in more detail. Then the whole class went outside and sat around a pretend central fire - just as people did in their roundhouses. 

Just then a time traveller appeared! The time traveller wanted to know which period in history she had landed in and she asked us lots of questions. Each group told her all about their job role. Some of us even acted out our job to show her. It was lots of fun! 

We then produced a poster outlining our job/craft. We worked in our pairs or small groups and each took on a different aspect of the poster. 

- title (name of job or craft),

- illustration(s) with labels,

- a paragraph of writing about the job,

- A list of reasons why this job is important to the tribe. 

Week ending 10th May 2019

Together Time 

This afternoon we went outside for the last 15 minutes of the day and enjoyed some class 'together time'. We had a drink and a biscuit and listened to some of our friends tell us some interesting news. We work so hard and feel it's important to have time like this together when we can. 

Roman Mosaics

We have spent time looking at examples of Roman mosaics and then creating our own. We thought carefully about the pictures or patterns that we wanted to recreate. We are very proud of our mosaics and they are displayed outside our classroom for the whole school to see.

Exploring and investigating magnets

We have had lots of fun finding out all about magnets. We have learnt that not all metals are magnetic and that magnets are different shapes, sizes and strengths. Some of us discovered that magnets have a magnetic field around them and do not actually have to make contact with another magnetic object in order to exert a force. We have been using key vocabulary such as the north pole, south pole, attract, repel, magnetic and force. We learnt how the Earth has a magnetic field around it and we were challenged to think what might happen if there was no magnetism in the world. We had lots of fun!   


Week ending Friday 3rd May 2019

A visit from Estelle

What a busy and lovely week we have had in Year 3! On Thursday we had a visit from Estelle. Estelle is the Granddaughter of Dr Hayes, one of our school governors. Estelle visited last year and we were delighted that she was able to visit our school again. The children were able to ask Estelle many different questions in French and hear Estelle's response in both French and English. They were particularly interested in how school life in Paris differs to school life in Lytham. Estelle doesn't have to wear a school uniform! Estelle also brought us in some magazines which showed pictures of the recent fire at Notre Dame Cathedral and she spoke about how they could see the smoke rising. Thank you very much Estelle for visiting. We wish you a safe journey home and can't wait for you to visit us again. 


Week ending Friday 26th April 2019

It's been lovely to welcome the children back and to hear all about how they have spent their time in the holidays. We've had a busy first week of the summer term. In Maths, we have been comparing, converting and adding lengths. Many of the children have found this a bit tricky so we are going to repeat some of this work again at the start of next week, for further practise  and reinforcement. In English we have been studying the features of a diary entry and have been planning and writing our own based upon a day in the school holidays. Ask us what features you will find in diary writing - we can tell you!

We are very much looking forward to getting underway with our topic on the Romans. The curriculum over view for this term and the homework project sheet will both be sent home early next week.

Well done to our Stars of the Week, Bea and Anna.

Tomorrow is Ground Force Day (Saturday 27th April 12-2pm) in the school garden. Please come along for some or for all of the session if you can make it. Bring the children too. There are always jobs to be done and there are usually treats to be had to keep your strength up! Have a lovely weekend. 


Week commencing 25th March

Visit from Reverend Adam

On Wednesday, Reverend Adam came into class to talk to us about Holy Week. It was so interesting to hear what he had to say and he was very impressed with our knowledge, comments and questions. Thank you Reverend Adam for giving up your time to come and see us. 

Iron Man Art

This week our fabulous Iron Man inspired art work went up on display for all to admire. We used a range of different media to produce these effective pictures. Some of use tried to produce a 3D image. We are looking forward to our Mums and Dads seeing them next week at Parents' Evening. 

Friday 22nd March

Our Iron Man experiment 

What does Iron Man eat for breakfast?

Today we started thinking about what we know about non-contact forces and what we would like to find out. We carried out an investigation to answer the question ‘Which cereal has the most iron in it and therefore the better one for us?’ We looked at the packaging of some cereals, particularly the nutrition table. This helped us with our predictions.

When it came to carrying out the experiment we had planned, not everything went to plan, but we had great fun! We then discussed and evaluated what we could improve/change if we were to repeat the experiment. 

On Thursday some of the children cme to school wearing funny or odd socks to raise awareness for Down's Syndrome. We love wearing funny socks to school! 


World Down's Syndrome Awareness Week 2019

Bog Eyed Jog Wednesday 20th March

Today we jogged 4 laps of the playground dressed in our pyjamas to raise funds for the PTFA! Afterwards we enjoyed toast and a drink in the hall. Thank you for all your support in collecting sponsorship money. It is very much appreciated. A big thank you to the PTFA for organising this fun event. 


British Science Week

Today, as part of British Science week, we had a science day focusing on the theme ‘Journeys’.

We looked at and discussed what some insects, birds and an aeroplane have in common – WINGS!

We discussed the design of an eagle’s wing compared to an aeroplane’s wing. We noticed that an eagle’s wings are long and wide and help the bird to glide.

We then had a go at making our own hoop gliders. We tested how far our gliders would fly and compared the distance with a friend's glider. We then changed one variable and tested how far our gliders could then fly. It was so much fun!

World Book Day

We had so much fun dressing up for World Book Day and celebrating our love of books. We took part in some brilliant activities. Look and see! 



Design Technology- Levers and Linkages

Focused Practical Tasks

We have been practising how to make things move using different mechanisms. We had to measure using centimetres and then cut pieces of card. We used split pins to join strips of card together. We had to follow instructions carefully to make our moving pictures. It was quite tricky!



Yesterday and today we have been learning all about Stonehenge. We thought about how the people of the Neolithic period could have transported the stones and then we watched a video all about it. We used Google Earth to look closely at Stonehenge. We have used atlases and online maps to locate where Stonehenge is located and the name of the nearest river. We also locate West Wales and the Preseli Hills where the Bluestones used at Stonehenge are said to have come from. 


Have a lovely half term! 

Romeo and Juliet Workshop with Jo and our Shakespeare ambassadors 

Today we thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a Romeo and Juliet workshop. We learnt a little about the story -

SPOILER ALERT! It's a tragedy and doesn't have a happy ending for Romeo or Juliet!

We enjoyed acting out part of the script in different ways and using different techniques such as freeze framing. A huge thank you to Charlotte, Aston and Chloe our Shakespeare learning ambassadors who led the session so well and to the mummies, daddies and grandparents who came along and took part so well too.

Your child should have brought home a leaflet about the show at The Grand Theatre Blackpool but more information can also be found on The Grand's website.  

Yoga with Little Yoggies

On Thursday we were lucky enough to have Chelsea from Little Yoggies come into school to teach us some Yoga. We learnt about the origins and Yoga and as well as some of the movements. We learnt about the importance of listening, being quiet and relaxing our bodies and minds. Thank you Chelsea, we had lots of fun! Look at how well we can stretch and balance!

Dan Worsley's Writing Workshop


Number Day


Friday 1st February 2019

Today has been so much fun! We have been moving to the BBC Super Movers and been on an addition number hunt. Some of us also completed a greater than and less than maze. The highlight of the day was Teachers v Kids multiplication and division. Anna was the quiz master and Oscar the score keeper. Well done to the children who beat the teachers 7-5. Well done children! Better luck next time teachers! 



On Wednesday we had a Samba session with Gary Fox. It was so much fun! 


WW1 Remembrance Silhouette Stained Glass Windows

As part of our work on Remembrance and WW1 the children have printed images onto OHP films and used tissue paper and PVA glue to create a colourful stained glass window effect. We are really pleased with how they are looking so far. We are letting them dry over the weekend and will post photographs of the finished pictures next week. 

Children in Need.

We all had a fantastic day in school welcoming the rickshaw and Pudsey Bear. Thank you for all of your effort and contributions for the cake stall.

Our Shakespeare Workshop


Year 3 have been using OS maps to investigate the local area.

Year 3 Blue Moose Dance Workshop


Year 3 Quidditch Practice


Year 3 have been retelling the story of Sarah and Abraham. The children rehearsed, directed and filmed their own group.




Year 3 have been writing some Harvest prayers this week. They are now proudly on display in church ready for this year's Harvest Service.

Year three visited the Harris Museum in Preston this week.  The children behaved beautifully and were a credit to our school.  We enjoyed finding out about bronze sculptures and then making our own sculptures from clay.  We also spent some time in the discovery room completing a 'time explorers challenge trail'.  We loved visiting the museum shop to spend our money and all children showed excellent Maths skills!  We had such a lovely day and hope you enjoy looking at our photographs. 

Look at our fantastic display of persuasive posters to advertise Chitty Chitty BANG BANG!  

We had a fantastic week in Year 3 during MADD (music, art, drama and dance) week.  All our activities were linked to the musical 'Chitty, Chitty BANG BANG'.  We acted out the story with Mrs Cleasby, sang the songs, performed dances from the show and created t-shirts with sweets designs.  We were also visited by the Lytham Arts Society who helped us design and create fabric bunting.  What a great week!  

Today, Year 3 were visited by Alan and Stuart from Urban Organics who helped us to design and create a living willow-cross! It was so much fun and we are very proud of it. We are going to take very good care of it as it is very special to us and we love that we can see it every time we look out of our classroom windows. Thank you so much Alan and Stuart and to the parents who joined in and helped us!

Year 3 had a fantastic morning enjoying the 'Thy Kingdom Come' prayer activities.  We prayed for our families, our school and the whole world!  

We have started reading a new class novel this week:  Mr Stink!  We are enjoying how funny the characters and the story are.  Year 3 LOVE David Walliams' books! 

Year 3 have been making and labelling skeletons in groups! 

Faith Week – Year 3 Purim

In Year 3 we found out lots of interesting information about the Jewish celebration of ‘Purim’. We read all about the ‘Story of Esther’ and created a storyboard. We also made our own Hamantaschen biscuits. We found out about all the different traditions involved with Purim and at the end of the week, we presented our work to Year 5.