Our Special Books

10th September 2021

Our RE topic for this half term focuses on the Bible and why it is such a special book. To kick start our new topic, we all brought in our own special book from home and shared it with the rest of the class.


Windmill Art

7th September 2021

As part of our new topic 'A Place Where We Live', we have sketched our local landmark - Lytham Windmill. Mrs Norman worked SO hard creating an amazing giant windmill for our topic display. We are very grateful and we absolutely love it!




Sports Day

We had such a fantastic time at our Sports Day. The sun was shining and everyone had so much fun! We had three different races on the track which were racing, skipping and bat and ball balancing. Then we had three activities on the playground which were a beanbag challenge, a water relay and a ball relay. We loved it!


Our Christian Value for this half term is 'Faith'. We talked about faith meaning to have complete trust in something or someone. We thought about what faith means to us as individuals and we made 'Faith Shields' to show that we are strong and protected when we have faith.


In PE this half term we have been focusing a lot on throwing, running and jumping. Today we started practising running as fast as we can on the racing track. We talked about the skills we need to think about to help us with our running and also how to stay in our own lanes! We think our starting positions look great!!!

Jesus was Special

This half term in our RE we have been reading stories from the New Testament in the Bible that show Jesus was special. We have read 'The Storm on the Lake', 'Feeding the Five Thousand' and 'The Calling of the Disciples'. Here are some photographs of our moving pictures that we made to go with the story 'The Storm on the Lake.'

Mental Health Awareness Week

For Mental Health Awareness Week we spent a lot of time with nature to help our wellbeing and we loved it!!! We spent time hugging trees, walking around with our shoes and socks off and creating natural pictures. We loved laying down on the ground and cloud watching whilst listening to birds. We could see so many pictures in the sky.

Christmas Celebrations

This week we have had our Christmas party! We played lots of party games and did lots of dancing! Then we had crisps and juice! We are having so much fun getting ready for Christmas.

Christmas Time

This week we have been getting excited about Christmas. We have had a Christmas lunch in our own clothes and we have been making Christmas decorations. We have also been playing 'Present Dash' and 'Bash the Bauble' in PE. Most importantly we had a zoom call with Father Christmas! It was so exciting! He even recognised some of us and called out our names!

Curriculum Map Y2 Aut 2020


DT Building Bridges

We  investigated bridges and found out how to make strong structures. We used what we had found out to help us design and make our own bridges. 


DT Fruit Salads

As part of our 'Growth and Green fingers' topic we designed and made a fruit salad. We learnt how to chop, peel, de-seed and slice fruit safely. 

Easter Competition 2019

Well done to everyone who entered the competition. You did a brilliant job!


Bog Eyed Jog


British Science Week

As part of British Science week we did a helicopter investigation. Like the sycamore tree seed the helicopter had two propellers. We discovered that if we put more paper clips on the helicopter it spun faster.


Year 2 Yoga

On Thursday, Laura from Little Yogis did a Yoga session with us. We loved it!


Firefighters talk

On Friday 19th October, some firefighters from the fire station in St Anne's came to talk to us about fire safety at home. 

The Great Fire of London

We have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We enjoyed using pastels to create pictures of the fire. 

Tag Rugby

We enjoyed training with Rory from Preston Grasshoppers.