Growing up fast!

Our babies don't look like pink newborns anymore. Their bodies have changed a lot. All eyes are open now and they are fighting for food and space in the nest.


Not long left now

Playground designs DT

This term we looked at lots of parks and talked about what we enjoy at the park. We decided to design create a piece of playground equipment to make year 1/2 a small world park. We discussed what materials we could use and what properties the materials had to make building with them a good idea. Here are some of the fantastic creations

DT YR 1/2

Hungry chicks 

Our lovely chicks are growing very quickly now, the wings are developing and their eyes are beginning to open. They are constantly being fed by Mummy and Daddy Blue tit. 

Hungry mouths to feed


Sports Day Practice

The children are excited to start practising for sports day. Running was their favourite this week. 


PE year 1/2

5 baby chicks!!

Today has been very exciting! Our Blue tit eggs have started to hatch . So far we have five baby chicks. Mummy and Daddy have been very attentive and have been feeding them all day. We hope to see more tomorrow. 

A cracking good day

Egg-static event 

We now have 8 eggs!!. After doing a little research, it turns out The Blue tit lays once a day and she has probably been hiding her eggs for some time. She decided to let us share her joy. We have also found out that none of the eggs will hatch until the Blue tit had completed laying all her eggs. 

Egg-sactly 8 eggs



Egg- citing news!

Our lovely Blue tit has laid eggs this afternoon! The children were so excited! She has been popping in and out all afternoon to make sure her eggs are safe and warm.

Bird update


Bird box update 

Our lovely bird visitor has decided to stay and nest and we couldn't quite believe how busy she has been. Look at the nest now.


Bird box update

DT lesson- Making a Fruit Salad

This week we have been looking at healthy foods in particular fruits and vegetables we decided to design a fruit salad. The children practiced using pealing, chopping and grating skills. We all managed to keep all our fingers! All the children did a fantastic job.

DT - Make a fruit salad


Mothers day baskets 

Lots of the children took great pride in arranging beautiful planters With Greg for a special person on Mothers Day.


Mothers Day YR1/2

Bog Eyed Jog 2019

Year 1/2 thoroughly enjoyed their sponsored run, wearing pajamas today.


Bog-eyed Jog



Bird Watch

At the beginning of the spring term we had a fantastic bird box attached to the side of the school building. It is  just out side the year 1/2 classroom. We are so so lucky because it is fitted with a camera. In perfect time for our first arrival. The children are super excited. This week a Bluetit has begone to collect material for nest building. 


Bird watch

British Science Week 2019

Today we have been following instructions for making a helicopter, that  moves in the same way a sycamore tree seed disperses it's seeds. We investigated the design to see; What happens to the speed and motion that it travels when you change the size or weight?


Paper helicopter investigation


World Book Day 2019

Today we had a fantastic time in our book day costumes. We spent the day creating character descriptions, bookmarks, designing book covers and playing guess the fairy tale charades. We also took part in a wonderful drama workshop of the 'Enormous Turnip'.

Year 1-2 drama workshop

Number Day

Friday 1st February

We have had so much fun today doing so many activities all to do with numbers. We have thrown some super moves along with BBC Super Movers. Our addition number hunt was super exciting. We also counted socks and gloves in 2's and 5's and we played Connect 4 addition. 


Year 1/2 Number Day

Printing with fruit

This week we have been making repeated patterns by printing with different types of fruit. Some of them looked like wallpaper!


2-D Shape

We have been making 2-D shapes on the Geoboards and playing a shape sorting game in pairs.

2-D Shape

Sense Detectives

We have been using our senses to solve a problem. Ella lost her teddy bear on the train so we have been trying to identify which teddy bear was hers from the clues we were given.

Senses Investigation


We have been acting out the story of "The Three Little Pigs" in small groups.

Three Little Pigs

Making Patterns

In maths we have been making patterns using numbers, shapes and objects. 

Making Patterns

We has a great time in our Drama workshop with Mrs Cleasby. We acted out the story of "The Lion King."

Music, Art & Drama Week

We have been looking for minbeasts in our school grounds. 

Year 1/2 Minibeast Hunt

Here are some photographs from our "Common and Wild Flower Hunt" around the school grounds.

Y1/2 2nd May 17



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