Our School Trip

We had an amazing time at Beacon Fell on Monday.  It was very exciting going on the coach with all our friends.  It was great fun building dens, catching bugs and making pictures using natural materials.  We had a huge picnic outside with all our friends.

Reception - Beacon Fell

3D Shapes

We have been finding out about 3-D shapes. We looked at lots of everyday objects and sorted them according to their shape name. We talked about the properties of the shapes and gave clues about them to see if our friends could guess what shape name we were talking about. We printed with the 3-D shapes too.

Reception - 3D Shapes

Sports Day

We have loved taking part in our first sports day.  We had a great time doing all the activities  Our teachers were really proud of us for joining in and trying our best.  Thank you for coming to support us.

Reception - Sports Day 2019


We have been sorting bugs by the number of legs. We have been learning how to estimate how many objects we can see and then check by counting them. We have been looking at and ordering the 'teen' numbers. 

Reception - number

Outdoor Learning

We love learning in our outdoor area, it is lots of fun.  We have a fairy garden, a construction area, water, a mud kitchen, balancing, sand and lots more.  We are very independent and can put our own waterproofs and wellies on to go into the big water trays and mud kitchen.

Reception - Outdoor Learning

Reception - Outdoor Learning 2


We have loved learning some new songs about 'bugs' and playing our instruments in time to the music.

Reception - Music

Creating Bugs

Look at our cool bugs that we created out of playdough.

Reception - Bug Making


We have enjoyed finding out about money and using different coins to pay for things from our shop.

Reception - money

Beautiful Bugs

We are really enjoying learning about 'Beautiful Bugs'. We have begun to transform our classroom and have got lots of exciting new things hanging up. We have made a huge hungry caterpillar to display our writing on, painted pictures from the story, painted symmetrical butterflies and painted different bugs to decorate our classroom door. We can re-tell the story and sequence it using our story tray.

Reception - Beautiful Bugs

Bug Hunt

We had a great time hunting for bugs. We went into the school garden with magnifying glasses, bug collecting pots and a checklist. We found lots of different bugs. We found spiders, a bee, a wasp, a butterfly, lots of woodlouse, ladybirds and even a millipede! It was very exciting. After we had ticked off what we had found we let the bugs go so they could go back to their homes.

Reception - Bug Hunt

The Easter Story

We have been reading the Easter story and using our Easter garden to re-tell the story. We have looked at symbols of Easter and emotions expressed in the Easter story. We recreated the Last Supper, washing each other's feet like Jesus did for the disciples. We talked about what it felt like to do this for someone else and why Jesus would have done that for his friends. We then had bread and wine!

Reception - Washing feet


Easter Egg Competition

We loved bringing our decorated eggs in to show everyone. They were amazing and we all got a certificate for our hard work. 

Reception - Easter Egg Competition



Our plants are now growing so we decided to measure how tall they were.  We have also been creating flowers using different materials.

Reception - Growing

Vincent Van Gogh

This week we have been looking at the work of an artist called Vincent Van Gogh.  He painted a famous painting called 'Sunflowers'.  We used pastels to create our own version of this famous picture.  Our pictures are amazing.

Reception - Van Gogh

Jasper's Beanstalk

We have loved reading this story and now a huge beanstalk has grown in our classroom just like Jasper's.

Reception - Jasper's Beanstalk



We loved choosing and planting our plants for 'Mother's Day'.  A big thank you to Greg for bringing all the plants and for all his help and hard work.

Reception - Planters

Bog Eyed Jog

How exciting getting to come to school in our pyjamas!  We loved jogging around the playground with our Year 6 buddies.  We even got to have toast and a drink after which was great.  Thank you to the PTFA for organising this fantastic event.

Reception - Bog Eyed Jog 2019

Storm Gareth

It has been so windy that we decided to make something to catch the wind that we could have fun with on the playground.  We had a great idea to use long cardboard tubes and fix on very long pieces of coloured paper.  We went onto the playground with them and it was so much fun.  We danced and twirled around and the wind blew our paper which looked like coloured ribbons dancing in the sky.

Reception - Storm Gareth

British Science Week in Reception

This week is British Science Week so we have been working as scientists in the Reception Class.  We have investigated floating and sinking and we carried out a very exciting experiment called 'slippery slopes', where we compared the journey of different household liquids as they move down a slope.  We tested water, oil and shaving foam.  We found out that the water moved the fastest but the shaving foam was so sticky and thick it didn't move at all.  Miss Harter was very impressed by our investigative skills and scientific knowledge.

Reception - British Science Week

World Book Day 2019

We loved dressing up for World Book day, look how amazing we look.  We had a great time taking part in a drama workshop all about  the story 'The Enormous Turnip'.

Reception - World Book Day 2019



Sharing our Favourite Story

We brought our favourite book into school and our year 6 buddies very kindly came down and read them to us.

Reception - Book Week




Outdoor Spring Fun

Reception - Outdoor Area 2019

Pancake Day!

We have been celebrating pancake day! We have made and eaten pancakes which were delicious.   We chose our own topping from lemon, sugar or syrup.  We saved some pancakes so we could do a pancake race on the playground. We were brilliant at tossing the pancakes.  We have also been writing a list of ingredients.

Reception - Pancake Day 2019


A talk from the school nurse

We had a visit from the school nurse who talked to us about eating healthy food.  We then got measured and weighed.



Our new christian  value this half term is 'Friendship.  We have drawn a picture of our friends and said why they are a good friend.  We have made a friendship chain to hang in our classroom to remind us that we are all joined together in friendship.

Reception - Friendship



Spring Walk

We have been talking about signs of Spring.  We went on a walk around the grounds of school looking for signs of Spring.  We took our clip boards and check list so we could tick off when we spotted something.  We found daffodils, snow drops, new shoots, flowers, green leaves, insects and bird nests.

Reception - Spring Walk


Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! We have made a gorgeous heart out of clay to give to someone we love.  This morning we made heart shape toast.

Reception - Valentines Day



Our amazing year 6 buddy's came to our classroom to talk about our Christian value 'Respect'.  We worked together on some ideas for a prayer all about respect.  They then went away and wrote a special prayer, just for me, all about Respect that I can take home.  I am so lucky.

Reception - Respect



Outdoor Area

We love getting our wellingtons and waterproofs on and working in the large water trays and mud kitchen!

Reception - Waterproofs



Chinese New Year

This week it is Chinese New Year, we have been talking about this exciting celebration.  We have made our own dancing dragons and  we have been writing numbers in Chinese.  We love our new classroom display all about Chinese New Year.  Did you know that this year its the year of the Pig!!

Reception - Chinese New Year

Internet Safety

We have been reading a story called "Smartie the Penguin".  Smartie told us how to stay safe by asking a grown up for help.  Smartie has a song that he sings " Before you tap and click you need to stop and think and tell someone" 

Fun in the Snow 

It was so exciting this morning as it had snowed! We put on our wellingtons and explored our outside area. The water trays were thick with ice which we loved breaking up. Our mud kitchen had turned into a snow kitchen. We made cups of snow tea!

Reception - Fun in the snow!

The Gingerbread Man

We have been reading the story of 'The Gingerbread Man'. We have done lots of activities all about the story. We have been painting pictures, drawing story maps, sequencing the story, using masks to act out and re-tell the story, making gingerbread men out of play dough and reading and comparing different versions of the story. We have worked super hard on our writing and have been writing in speech bubbles what the characters are saying.

Reception - Gingerbread man activities

Back to School

Since coming back to school in January we have been having lots of  fun in our outdoor area.

Reception - outdoor area

Christmas Party

We had so much fun at our Christmas party. We danced and played lots of party games where we could win prizes. Father Christmas came and we were so excited. He had brought Mrs Christmas with him and we sang Jingle Bells as he had brought some bells with him. He told us we had to be really good and kind and share with people between now and Christmas as the elves would be checking! Miss Harter was very impressed with how good we were at the party and how we all took turns and followed the rules of the game. We are the best Reception class ever!!!!!!!!

Reception - Christmas Party


Christmas Fun

We have become experts at using scissors after making these amazing Christmas trees and Rudolph hats. We loved printing our beautiful angels and making them into hanging decorations. 

Reception - Christmas fun


A Miracle in Town

It has been a very exciting week as we finally got to do our Nativity. We looked amazing in our costumes and we had such a great time singing and dancing for everyone. We loved speaking on the microphone. Our teacher's were very proud of us all as we have worked so hard over the last few weeks getting ready for this special event. Thank you to all our friends and family who came to watch we hope you enjoyed it. 

Reception - Nativity

Celebrating Christmas

We have been exploring the nativity story in a variety of ways and talking about how Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus.

Reception - Celebrating Christmas


In our class we love maths! We are always counting and using lots of different resources to make numbers in different ways.

Reception - Maths



Celebrating Birthdays

We have been talking about ways we celebrate birthdays.  In our classroom we have got a role play area where we can set uup a birthday party.  It has got party hats, plates, cups and birthday banners.

We can make birthday cup cakes out of playdough and count real candles into them.

Reception - Celebrating Birthdays

Diwali Diva Lamps

We made out own diva lamps from clay last week.  This week we have decorated them with paints.  The Festival of Diwali celebrates good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance.

Reception - Diva Lamps




This week we have been learning about Diwali.  The word Diwali means 'rows of lighted lamps'.  Diwali is a special festival that is celebrated by Hindus in Britain and all over the world.   People fill their homes with decorations and lights.  They give gifts and send cards.  I have been very busy doing Rangoli patterns which Hindus use to decorate their homes with.  I have used clay to make a Divali lamp.  I have listened to the story of Rama and Sita.

Reception - Diwali



School Garden

We went outside to the school garden to look at the gorgeous red poppy's that are hanging from the cross.  We felt very proud that we had helped to paint some of them.

Reception - School Garden

World War 1

This week we have been learning about Remembrance Day which is on Sunday 11th November.  We have been looking at photographs of some of the soliders and we got to see some real World War 1 medals that belonged to Miss Harter's great grandpa's.  We have used bottle lids to print a poppy picture, painted the end of bottles to make ones that are going to go in the school garden and we also used handprints to create a larger poppy.

Reception World War 1


We made these fantastic sparklers out of tin foil and we got to take them outside and practise writing numbers and do a sparkler dance.  We also made a fantastic rocket using our tubes that we brought in.

Reception Fireworks

Reading With Year 6

We met up in the hall and read to our Year 6 buddy.  The had very kindly made us all a beautiful zig zag book.  We love spending time with them.

Reception Buddy Time

Bonfire Night

We have been learning all about 'Bonfire Night'.  We have listened to the story of Guy Fawkes, talked about firework safety and made some gorgeous sparklers out of tin foil.  We used cotton buds to create some amazing fireworks exploding in the sky.

Reception Bonfire Night

Special Visitors

We were delighted that Dexter and Paige from year 3 came to visit our classroom today. They had very kindly asked if they could come to Reception to read their amazing work. Dexter read the class his fantastic story and Paige had written some lovely words all about our christian values. Thank you to them both! 

Special Visitors


My Body

We have been learning a song called "I've got a body a very busy body". We have been talking about and labelling parts of our body. We loved drawing around each other so we could see what we looked like.

My Body

Autumn Walk

We went on a walk looking for signs of Autumn. We took out clip boards so that we could record what we found. We collected leaves, twigs and acorns but were most disappointed that we did not find any conkers!

Reception Autumn Walk



I Am Unique

We have been talking about ourselves and what makes us really special. We collected some leaves and noticed how everyone was different just like us. We looked in a mirror at our faces and then painted ourselves and used pastels to draw our faces. We talked about how everyone's finger prints are different too.

I Am Unique



Hand Hygiene Talk

Today we had a visit from the school nurse. She came to talk to us about how to stay healthy by keeping our hands clean. We then sequenced some pictures to show how to wash our hands correctly.

Visit from the School Nurse


Our School Garden

We had lots of fun painting our pebbles to look like colourful fish. We were very excited when we got to put our pebbles in the new garden around the cross. If you visit the garden you will be able to see them.

Our School Garden



Creative Fun

We  have looked at a picture called 'Regatta at Cowes' by Raoul Dufy and we have created out own amazing version of the picture.

Having found out lots of amazing facts about starfish we then went on to make our own starfish out of salt dough.

We have drawn creatures that live under the sea in wax crayon and then used a blue wash over the top to create fabulous wax resist pictures.


Creative Fun







We have loved doing lots of creative work all about the seaside. We have made jellyfish and fish out of paper plates.  We have done some amazing writing about the beach, printed shells into clay, painted starfish, painted mermaids and written a rhyming poem.





Fun in the Sun

It has been very very hot at school this week, so we decided it would be a good idea to cool ourselves down with some fun in the water.

Fun in the Sun



Sun Safety

This week we had a visit from the school nurse.  She told us how to keep safe in the Sun.  We talked about wearing a hat, sun-cream, sun glasses and drinking lots of water.

Sun Safety

Sports Day

This week we had our first ever school sports day! I had an amazing time with my friends taking part in all the amazing activities. I loved the races and having a picnic with my family.

Reception Class Sports Day



Class Visit to Fleetwood

We were very excited to be going on our first school visit.  We went on a coach all the way to Fleetwood.  Firstly we went to the museum to find out about seaside holidays in the past and then we went to the RNLI and got to see both the lifeboats.  We had an amazing day and to top it all the bus driver sent us a lovely e mail saying we were a joy to take out as we were so polite and well behaved!!!!


Class Visit to Fleetwood




Outdoor Area

We love working in our outdoor area especially when it's sunny!!

Outdoor Area


Bob the Tree

George has grown his own tree and named it Bob! He decided that we could plant it in our new garden. George and Isla went to plant the tree with the help of Mr Joyner.  We all look forward to watching it grow.

Bob the Tree


Royal Wedding Picnic Celebrations.

As part of our week, celebrating 'All Things British', we had a wonderful picnic in the sun. We all enjoyed joining in with the National Anthem and having our tasty lunch on the school field. 

Royal Wedding Picnic

Bog-Eyed joggers.

Despite the drizzle, we had a fabulous morning, jogging with our buddies to raise money for the PTFA. We looked amazing in our pyjamas and impressed everyone with the number of laps we attempted.  

Bog-eyed jog Y6/R


World Book Day Celebrations

We have had a wonderful day. Everyone looked amazing dressed as book-themed characters. Y6 came to share personalised stories they had written especially for us. We enjoyed telling Y6 all about our favourite books.

World Book Day Y6

Tales of Determination with Y6

We were very excited when our buddies invited us to read the modern day parables of determination they created for us. As we have been learning lots about our Christian value of determination, we had plenty to talk about! Thank you Y6, we love our books!

Tales of determination with Reception

Printing fun

We have had a lovely creative afternoon using fruit and vegetables to print patterns with paint.

Printing Rec


NSPCC Dance-a-thon

We had a brilliant time with our Y6 Buddies raising money for the NSPCC. We danced around the world!

Reception Dance-a-thon

Maths Games

We have been learning about sharing through playing Maths games together.

Sharing in Maths


Quality time with our Y6 Buddies

We have had a lovely morning with our buddies. We played games and Y6 even made special Christmas cards for us.

Buddy Fun!

Party-time in KS1

After a really wonderful and busy first term, we had a lovely Christmas party with a visit from a very special visitor!

Party time!

Easter in Reception.......

We have used some potatoes to print these gorgeous Easter chicks. We have made a big chick with bendy legs! We have made eggs and chicks out of clay. 

We have continued to read different versions of the Easter story.  We have had our feet washed before we joined together for 'The Last Supper' where we had bread and wine (juice!). There is a photo of our Easter garden. We have used it to talk about the story of Easter. it has three crosses at one end and the tomb where they put Jesus after he died at the other end. 

Reception Easter Activities


Reception Easter

We have been cutting and painting palm leaves for our display.

We have decorated our Easter tree, it looks gorgeous!

Jake's mummy very kindly brought some real palm leaves into school as Jake had told her that we had been talking about 'Palm Sunday'. We decided to have a real parade just like in the Easter story. We went round school waving our palm leaves and ribbons and shouting "Hurray for Jesus!"

Reception Class

Reception Class has been very busy this half term. They have been finding out about Sikh festivals and sharing their learning with their Year 6 buddies. They have been working very hard on their Mother's Day assembly which went very well and the children thoroughly enjoyed making their Mother's Day Planters with Greg. A huge thank you to Greg for all your help this week. The children (and Mrs. Willott by the looks of it) have loved it!

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