Beacon Fell

We had a fantastic time on our school trip to Beacon Fell. We built dens, we went on a bug hunt and we created pictures using the great outdoors!

R/1 Beacon Fell

Class Assembly 2019

This week it was our class assembly and we were so excited! Everyone was so impressed with our performance. We talked about our 'Writing Wonder Week'. We showed everyone the book 'Journey' and explained how we took our "journey" into space. We performed a space song, read stories we had written and showed everyone our fantastic work.

R/1 Class Assembly 2019

Writing Week

This week we have looked at the book 'Journey' and decided that we wanted our journey to go into space. We have had so much fun learning about space and planning our own journey stories.

Journey into Space


Clay Bugs

The reception children have been working on their clay bugs. Last week the children created clay bugs and this week they painted them and we put them on display.

Clay Bugs

Playground Structures

The year 1 children have been busy designing and making playground structures for the animals in the stories 'Percy the Park Keeper'. They have explored lots of different materials, drawn and labelled their designs and today they have built their structures.

R/1 Playground Structures


This week we have been learning about capacity. We have been busy filling containers to different amounts and then comparing them. We have also been busy estimating how many 'little cups' it takes to fill larger containers. It was a lot of fun!

R/1 Capacity


This week the reception children have been looking at the work of Vincent Van Gogh. They have painted their own sunflower pictures as well drawing sunflowers using pastels!

The year 1 children have been busy looking at trees. We went on a tree hunt last week to see which kind of trees we have in our school grounds. We decided that we have lots of deciduous trees and not as many evergreen trees. We collected leaves that we found on the ground and compared them to our leaf chart. Our charts told us which trees the leaves belonged to. This week we worked in teams to make junk model trees. We had to think carefully about who was going to make each part. Then we had to label our trees.

We had an Easter Garden competition in our class too! The children worked so hard on them at home and we have put them on display in our resource area for all to see.

R/1 Plants

Mother's Day 2019

This week we have been thinking about Mother's Day. The reception children were super busy practising for their Mother's Day assembly which was fantastic! All of the children and staff worked so hard and the parents were blown away! The year 1 children have been busy making Mother's Day cards using funny photographs! Some of us made 'Mother's Day Planters' with Greg too! It was great fun!

R/1 Mother's Day 2019

The 'Bog Eyed Jog'

On Wednesday we got to come to school in our PJs and we were so excited! Friends and family sponsored us to run around the playground as many times as we could and then we had some well deserved toast and juice! We raised some money for our PTFA to help to our school.

R/1 Bog Eyed Jog

British Science Week Day 3

Today, the Year 1 children went on a plant hunt and ticked off their lists all the wild and common plants that they could see. Then, they drew some of their plants and labelled the parts. The Reception children, went on a 'Spring Walk' searching for signs of Spring and ticking what they found off their lists. 

The Year 1 children had a closer look at the daffodils and chrysanthemums in the water and food dye mixture. We talked about what we did and what we noticed. The children spotted that even though the chrysanthemums' flower heads haven't changed colour yet, the stems and leaves have. 

We ready the 'Hungry Caterpillar' and thought about how the caterpillar goes on a 'journey'. We looked closely at different fruits and vegetables, cut them up and studied the colours and seeds. Then we painted what we could see.

R/1 British Science Week Day 3

British Science Week 2019 Day 2

Today we explored and observed our flowers in the water and food colouring. They haven’t changed colour yet but we think that they might need a bit longer. We’ve decided to compare light yellow daffodils to our chrysanthemums to see if a different type of flower with a wider stem will change colour faster. We have also been exploring the reaction between bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. We mixed the bicarbonate of soda in with the sand and sprayed a mixture of vinegar and food colouring into the sand. We thought that there might be an explosion or just that the sand would get wet. When we did it we heard and saw fizzing and popping! We loved it!

R/1 British Science Week Day 2

British Science Week 2019 Day 1

This week is British Science Week and so we have set up a plant experiment together. Mrs Allison showed us the equipment which was three white chrysanthemums, a jug of water, three clear plastic cups and food colouring. We decided to put the same amount of water and the same amount of food colouring into each cup so that it was fair. Then we put one flower in each cup. Next we thought about what was going to happen. We checked the flowers at the end of the day and we’re going to check them again tomorrow.

We have also been busy planting cress and salad and they have grown so much! We have been learning about different parts of a plant. In our continuous provision we can make plants using different materials.

R/1 British Science Week 2019

World Book Day!

We have had so much fun celebrating World Book Day! We dressed up as our favourite characters and wrote about why we chose those characters. Then, we shared our favourite books and made bookmarks for them. We had a fantastic time in our Drama Workshop with Mrs Cleasby all about 'The Enormous Turnip'. We acted out the story and moved around the hall to different music.

R/1 World Book Day

NSPCC Maths Fun Day!

Today we have raised lots of money for the NSPCC by enjoying lots of super Maths, dressing in our clothes and eating cake!

We have played snakes and ladders, number bonds dominoes and 'roll and build'. Then, we went on an addition number hunt around the classroom. The number hunt was the best!

R/1 NSPCC Number Day

Outdoor Area

We have had so much fun exploring the ice in our outdoor area. We have looked at it closely and talked about how it is formed.

R/1 Outdoor Area - Ice


We have had so much fun in school celebrating Christmas! Here are some pictures of us at our Christmas party!

Christmas YR/1

Remembrance Day

Today we have been learning about why we wear poppies and what life was like 100 years ago to mark 100 years since WW1 ended.

R/1 Remembrance


We have been reading lots of poems about fire and performing them altogether. We have talked about the meaning of new words and we have been listening to see if we can spot the rhyming words.

R/1 Poetry

The Great Fire of London

We have been busy creating a huge display of the Great Fire of London. We have mixed colours to paint the River Thames, dipped marbles in fire colours and rolled the marbles on black sugar paper to create the sky, drawn houses using charcoal and smudged pastels to create flames!

R/1 The Great Fire of London

Autumn Walk

This week we have been looking for signs of autumn all around our school grounds.

Autumn Walk R/1



Class Trip

This week we have been on our school trip to Fleetwood. We have been learning all about the seaside so we visited the Maritime Museum and the RNLI. The children were so well behaved. They asked some fantastic questions. They learnt so much about the Victorians and the important work of the RNLI.

R/1 Trip


We have been planting Marigolds in our class this week. We have made sure that they have everything they need to grow!

R/1 Planting

Sports Day!

We had so much fun on Sports Day. Our favourite parts were Mini Mudder and the picnic!

R/1 Sports Day


Great British Week

We have had such a fantastic week at school celebrating the Royal wedding and learning lots about the Royal family and London. We finished our week with a whole school picnic and disco!

R/1 Great British Week

Spring Walk

This week we have been out walking around the school grounds looking for signs of Spring!

Spring Walk R/1

Bog Eyed Jog

We all had so much fun on Tuesday doing the Bog Eyed Jog! Even though the weather was cloudy and rainy the children did five laps of the playground! We all enjoyed our well earned toast and juice at the end! Well done everyone!

Bogged Eyed Jog R/1

World Book Day

We had such a fantastic time celebrating World Book Day! We have shared our favourite stories, drawn pictures and done lots of fantastic writing! The best part was seeing eveyone dressed up as their favourite characters!

World Book Day Reception/Year 1

Food Glorious Food!

This week we have been busy following instructions for 'How to make a fruit salad'. We talked about washing our hands and cutting safety before we began. We peeled and chopped to make a yummy fruit salad! The next day we wrote some instructions that the other classes could follow just in case they wanted to make them too!

Fruit Salads

Modern day Parables

We were delighted when our Y6 buddies came to share the books that they created for our Reception children. The focus was on our Christian Value of determination.

Tales of determination

NSPCC Dance ...

We had a fantastic time raising money for the NSPCC by 'dancing around the world'!

NSPCC Dance Reception/Year 1

We were so excited about the snow this week that we had a really snowman in our classroom! We watched him very carefully throughout the day and we noticed that he was melting! Some of the children in the class explained to us that it was because it was warm in the classroom. We decided that it was better to look and not touch as our fingers were warm too!Last week of the half term ...

Classroom Snowman

Christmas Time with our Buddies ...

We have had a very exciting morning spending time with our Year 6 buddies! We have played with our toys from home and Year 6 made lovely Christams cards for us!

Christmas Time with our Buddies

Science in Our Class ...

We have been learning to name the parts of the human body and our five senses. This week we have been 'Sense Detectives'! We have helped a little girl to find her lost teddy. She gave us five clues about her teddy linked to our five senses so that we could help her to find her teddy!

Sense Detectives


We had a fantastic time on our trip to Park View 4 U!  We had our lunch on the field, played on the park, had an icecream, searched for minbeasts and we looked at the bee hives!  

R/Y1 trip

Last week, the children went on a "Minibeast Hunt".

Rec/Y1 2nd May 17

We have been thinking about Easter a lot this week. We have read the story of Easter and begun making Easter cards and decorations for an Easter tree.

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